Working as an ASHA to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Uttar Pradesh, India


Rosenberg J, Donovan C, Madore A, Weintraub R. Working as an ASHA to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Uttar Pradesh, India. Harvard Business Publishing. 2018.


Set in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, this case explores the complexity of addressing maternal and child health and care delivery by looking at health-related behaviors and decision making from the perspective of a frontline health worker. The case is intended to be used in conjunction with GHD-39N (Maternal and Child Health in Uttar Pradesh, India: A Mother’s Story) and GHD-040 (Improving Maternal and Child Health Outcomes in Uttar Pradesh, India).

Teaching Note available through Harvard Business Publishing.Khairabad Community Health Center

Learning Objectives: A productive class discussion will allow students to appreciate the decisions facing frontline providers and their beneficiaries, and the numerous factors that influence their choices; how households prioritize health among other needs; and the complexity of aligning health programs with beneficiary needs, cultural context, household dynamics, and other factors to impact health behaviors and outcomes.

Keywords: public health, human resources, health care delivery, decision making, maternal and child health, behavioral economics, resource-limited settings, health care policy, data collection, performance management

Last updated on 05/07/2018