Frequently Asked Questions

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Please review the frequently asked questions about the GHDI program. For further questions, please contact the GHDI Coordinator:

Who is eligible to participate in GHDI? Are there any prerequisites?

GHDI seeks individuals who have a demonstrated commitment to global health and significant experience in global health organizations or a related field. Most of our students are mid-career, typically hold a  master’s or doctoral degree in a health-related field, and/or have at least three years of relevant experience. Many students have clinical experience as physicians, nurses, pharmicists, social workers and community health workers. 

GHDI participants must have an undergraduate degree. International candidates are encouraged to apply. A strong command of the English language is highly recommended.

What is the GHDI Virtual program experience like?

GHDI 2023 will be our fourth virtual course year. In July 2020, 36 students participated fully in coursework, mentorship and community-building. Student reviews for each course and the overall GHDI 2020 experience were stellar with 99% percent of curricular and experience evaluation categories rated excellent or very strong. 

The program coursework is very intensive and fast-paced. Students take three courses each day, Monday through Friday, from approximately 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM EST. Because students come from many time zones we work to schedule in a way that is as convenient as possible across regions. 
The three GHDI required courses are:

  • Epidemiologic Methods for Global Health (EPI505)
  • Introduction to Global Health Care Delivery (GHP532)
  • Management Practices in Health Care Delivery (GHP555)

In the past, students have spent approximately three hours per night completing homework and preparing for class the next day. We recommend that students minimize scheduling other commitments.
The program is an excellent professional development and networking experience. GHDI guest faculty and students are diverse and accomplished in their respective areas. 

Is there a Boston-based program for Summer 2023?

After a successful 3 years of remote programming, we plan to continue to deliver this program virtually as a way to provide equitable access to those who would not be able to attend in person.