Two Years in Hinche


Pabo E, Ellner A, Rhatigan J, Lyon E. Two Years in Hinche. Harvard Business Publishing. 2011.


Two Years in Hinche is a brief supplement to HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing in Hinche, Haiti. The first case describes an underperforming HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Program in government run hospital in Hinche, Haiti, and the decision by a government official to invite, Zanmi Lasante/Partners in Health (ZL/PIH), a non governmental organization, to help revamp the program. After a detailed examination of the program and of the ZL/PIH health care delivery model, the case ends with ZL/PIH agreeing to collaborate with the government to revamp the program. This case describes the subsequent steps ZL/PIH took to increase the amount of patients that received HIV counseling and testing by ten-fold, and to begin an HIV treatment program. It details how they were able to adapt their model for the public sector, improve supply chains, integrate staffs, and build community trust.

Teaching Note available through Harvard Business Publishing.

VCT Room at Sainte Thérèse Hospital

Learning Objectives: To examine effective strategies for improving uptake of preventive health services in low-resource settings.

Supporting Content: This case is the supplement to HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing in Hinche, Haiti.

Keywords: Community-based organizations, HIV prevention, government-NGO partnerships

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