Concept Note: HIV Prevention


Arnquist S, Talbot JR, Rhatigan J, Weintraub R, Plank R. Concept Note: HIV Prevention. Harvard Business Publishing. 2012.


This concept note reviews the epidemiological landscape of HIV/AIDS; the history and challenge of HIV prevention; means for preventing sexual transmission of HIV, transmission through blood exposure, and mother-to-child transmission as well as potential benefits of pre-exposure prophylaxis. It discusses strategies for implementing HIV prevention programs and the outlook for future programs.

Critical Events in the Global Response to HIV/AIDS
Critical Events in the Global Response to HIV/AIDS. Source: Merson MH, O’Malley J, Serwadda D, Apisuk C. The history and challenge of HIV prevention. Lancet. 2008;372(9637):475-488. (Exhibit 2 from "HIV Prevention" concept note.)

Learning Objectives: To aid students in fully understanding the HIV prevention landscape and concepts in the Cases in Global Health Delivery.

Keywords: Policy, AIDS, R&D, prevention

Acknowledgements: This Concept Note was prepared with assistance from Mehreen Iqbal.
Last updated on 09/16/2016