Learning from Diverse Perspectives: an interview with Nour Sharara

December 10, 2015
Nour Sharara, GHDI alumna

Nour Sharara, MPH, MS, a 2012 graduate, shares on how GHDI impacted her work.

How did training in value-based health care delivery impact your work?

GHDI exposed me to the array of potential problems in global health. The Care Delivery Value Chain allowed me to see what the issues were—whether it was in the supply chain or quality of care. It was very well laid out in our three weeks in class, where one can impact along the whole delivery chain.

From the other students in class, I learned what kind of people work in the field, what kind of values they have, and what kind of work they do. You can go the websites of NGOs and see what they do, but once you meet the people working in the field, you get the real version of their work. You get the real problems and challenges that they face. It was good to learn firsthand from our classmates. One of our classmates was from Ethiopia, and she said that when we run out of this drug, this is what we do. Her American colleagues were in awe. They would have never thought about how to do this. I was witnessing an exchange and it showed me the value of having people from different parts of the world and from different backgrounds meet in person. We had engineers, we had physicians, we had MBAs and everyone brought a different perspective. It was a very rich learning experience. That I can say was the first immediate impact.