Addressing Injustices in Health Care with Practical Tools: an interview with Busi Mombaur

December 10, 2015
Busi MombaurMafanya, GHDI Graduate

Busi Mombaur, MBChB, MPH, is a consultant neurologist at Tara Hospital, affiliated with the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. She is a 2013 GHDI graduate.

What do you think sets GHDI apart from other programs in global health?

What is unique about GHDI is the interdisciplinary curriculum delivered by leading experts to a diverse population of exceptional mid-career global health professionals. The focus is on tools that empower health care professionals to deliver value-based, sustainable care in any context.

Class discussions are as much a learning resource as the lectures, with students from all corners of the globe sharing their experiences. The unifying theme is value in health care delivery, and everyone is passionate about addressing injustices in health care. I walked away from GHDI with practical tools that I could use in my clinic in South Africa, and gained a new community of health care professionals with a shared vision for equitable and effective health systems.