Donovan C, Rosenberg J, Weintraub R. Concept Note: Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health. Harvard Business Publishing. 2018.Abstract

    This concept note aims to describe the history of reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health (RMNCH), the current landscape for providing RMNCH care in resource-limited settings, and future directions for research, funding, and advancement of the field. 

    Key indicators by region
    Key indicators by region. Source: The US Government and Global Maternal & Child Health Efforts. Kaiser Family Foundation. June 20, 2016.

    Learning objectives: This concept note aims to further students’ and instructors’ understanding of RMNCH presented in the Cases in Global Health Delivery collection.

    Keywords: Maternal health, morbidity and mortality, advocacy, service delivery, workforce development, demographic segmentation

    Ballard M, Madore A, Johnson A, et al. Concept Note: Community Health Workers. Harvard Business Publishing. 2018.Abstract

    Community health workers (CHWs)—lay people who engage in efforts to improve the health of their communities—have been proposed as a way to fill the global health human resource gap by extending services to hard-to-reach populations in remote areas. This concept note provides a brief history of CHWs, considers issues in CHW program design, and outlines future directions for research and funding.

    Visual Representation of CHW Density in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Visual representation of CHW density in Sub-Saharan Africa. Source: One Million CHWs Campaign, 2016.

    Learning objectives: This concept note aims to further students’ and instructors’ understanding of community health workers presented in the Cases in Global Health Delivery collection.

    Keywords: Human resources, primary care, disease management, monitoring and evaluation, resource allocation, global health policy, community health workers, partnerships

    Note: In map legend, 2,000–4,9999 should read 2,000–4,999.