Rosenberg J, Wachter K, Weintraub R. Concept Note: Malnutrition. Harvard Business Publishing. 2015.Abstract

    This concept note provides an overview of malnutrition, including its definition, causes, and management related to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It also describes the state of global malnutrition, including national and international efforts to reduce malnutrition and the stakeholders involved.

    Learning Objectives: To further students’ and instructors’ understanding of malnutrition-related concepts presented in the Global Health Delivery (GHD) Case Collection (e.g., GHD-031: Reducing Child Malnutrition in Maharashtra, India).

    Keywords: Maternal and child health, children, intergenerational disease, public-private partnership, nutrition, strategy, political leadership, scale-up, community health workers, health care delivery, malnutrition, cross-sector collaboration

    Talbot JR, Rhatigan J. Concept Note: The Development of Tuberculosis Treatments and Policy. Harvard Business Publishing. 2012.Abstract

    This concept note reviews the history of tuberculosis control with a focus on the development of chemotherapy for the disease, the creation of public health programs, and the evolution of international tuberculosis control policy.

    British Medical Research Council Tuberculosis Research Studies
    British Medical Research Council Tuberculosis Research Studies,1946-1986. Source: Fox, W., G.A. Ellard, and D.A. Mitchison, Studies on the treatment of tuberculosis undertaken by the British Medical Research Council Tuberculosis Units, 1946-1986, with relevant subsequent publications. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 1999. 3(10): p. S231-S279.

    Learning Objectives: To aid students in fully understanding the history of tuberculosis control and policy and concepts in the Cases in Global Health Delivery.

    Keywords: Policy, innovation, R&D