Charumilind S, Jain SH, Rhatigan J. The 100% Condom Program: Part B. Harvard Business Publishing. 2011.Abstract

    This document supplements HIV in Thailand: the 100% Condom Program and recounts the eventual nationwide adoption of that program and its impact on HIV in Thailand.

    Teaching Note available through Harvard Business Publishing.

    HIV and AIDS Projections, 1985-2020
    HIV and AIDS Projections, 1985-2020. Source: Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health (projections based on data up to 2003). (Exhibit 6 from the "HIV in Thailand: The 100% Condom Program" case.)

    Learning Objectives: To examine the national spread of a regional disease prevention program and evaluate its impact.

    Supporting Content: This document supplements HIV in Thailand: the 100% Condom Program.

    Keywords: HIV prevention, stakeholder alignment, harm reduction