Report on the Global Health Delivery Project’s Expert Consultation on Sustaining Delivery at Scale

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The past decade has seen major advances in global public health, enabled by unprecedented levels of new financing, particularly for HIV services. This mobilization accelerated the scaling up of treatment and prevention interventions. Successes in scaling up and funding challenges have raised new questions. Policymakers, practitioners and communities want to know how programs that grew rapidly can be sustained and program achievements replicated in other settings. These questions take on increased urgency as programs and donors consider the transfer of large HIV programs to the public sector.

In October 2009, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation granted Dr. Rebecca Weintraub and the Global Health Delivery (GHD) Project support to study the relationship between scale, value and strategy for HIV prevention. This document summarizes GHD’s research and early findings presented to a group of 50 experts for their input on July 15, 2010 in Vienna, Austria and Boston. During the peer review session, GHD sought feedback and promoted knowledge exchange around programs, policies and investments focused on sustaining scaled HIV prevention programs. The meeting had three objectives:

  1. Test and refine strategic tools to guide delivery of large-scale HIV prevention programs.
  2. Generate a list of activities and capabilities enabling programs to sustain delivery at scale.
  3. Discuss how a strategic framework for sustaining delivery of HIV prevention at scale could inform decision making by global health leaders and researchers. 

Last updated on 05/13/2016