GHDonline: A Web-Based Community of Practice for the Improvement of Adherence and Retention Outcomes


House A, Weintraub R. GHDonline: A Web-Based Community of Practice for the Improvement of Adherence and Retention Outcomes. 4th International Conference on HIV Treatment Adherence (IAPAC), April 5-7; Miami, FL. 2009.


Health care providers in resource-limited settings around the world have a wealth of practical knowledge but often work in isolation, with little opportunity to learn from the experiences of colleagues or share their own best practices. To address this problem, the Global Health Delivery Project (GHD) has launched GHDonline, a webbased tool designed to provide timely assistance to and forge substantive connections among global health practitioners and experts worldwide. GHDonline currently hosts four communities of practice, one of which is Adherence & Retention, where implementers and practitioners discuss strategies and methods for tracking and improving adherence to HIV/AIDS treatment and retention within HIV/AIDS programs. The community is moderated by three HIV/AIDS experts, and its members include but are not limited to physicians, program managers, researchers, nurses, public health and MOH officials, educators, community health workers, and adherence specialists.

Less than six months since its launch, the Adherence & Retention community has already facilitated the exchange of a variety of different kinds of resources and information - from advice on how to expand a CHW program in Lesotho to guidelines for measuring LTFU while controlling for differences between treatment access, adherence, and failure. These kinds of conversations that take place among implementers and experts daily, but by hosting them in a public space, GHDonline captures and preserves this information so that others can access and build on this knowledge, learning from the successes and failures of colleagues with whom they might not otherwise have had the occasion to connect. Moving forward, the GHDonline Adherence & Retention community will aim to engage more implementers who are working in extremely resource-limited settings to gauge: a) usability of the site in areas with limited internet connectivity, and b) uptake and active use of the site by individuals working in these settings. 

Last updated on 05/17/2016