Application Information

Applications for GHDI 2018 will open in December. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated application deadlines and program information.


Application Requirements

  • Three evaluations (letters of reference) from professors and/or employers who know you well.
  • CV/resume
  • Personal statement describing why you are interested in the GHDI program and how you believe it will help advance your professional goals. 500 words max.
  • Unofficial transcript(s) from your most recent post-secondary degree.
  • $50 USD application fee

Application Steps

Apply to the GHDI program through Harvard School of Public Health. Once you create a SOPHAS Express account, please follow the steps 1-6 below carefully.

Step 1: Select School and Program–Select “Harvard School of Public Health” and “Global Health Delivery Summer Intensive” program.

Step 2: Personal Information–Complete all sections

Step 3: Academic History–Complete all sections

Step 4: Supporting Information–Submit the following:

    1. Evaluations: submit three (3) electronic evaluations
    2. Experiences: leave this section blank (this information will be covered in your CV/resume)
    3. Achievements: (optional)
    4. Licenses and Certifications: (optional)
    5. Documents:
      1. Upload CV/resume
      2. Upload personal statement
      3. Leave publication section blank
      4. Upload unofficial transcript(s)
    6. Release statement: select “yes”

Step 5: Program Materials–Verify that all program materials are included

Step 6: Manage My Programs–Pay the non-refundable $50 USD application fee and submit your application. For application deadlines, click here.

For questions or concerns, contact the GHDI Coordinator: