Concept Note: Global Surgery Care Delivery


Patel P, Enumah S, Chao T, et al. Concept Note: Global Surgery Care Delivery. Harvard Business Publishing. 2015.


This concept note aims to describe the history of global surgery, the current landscape for providing surgical care in resource-limited settings, and future directions for research, funding, and advancement of global surgery.

Learning Objectives: To further students’ and instructors’ understanding of surgery in the context of global health care delivery. This concept note supports teaching cases in the Global Health Delivery (GHD) Case Collection (e.g., GHD-028: Surgery at AIC Kijabe Hospital in Rural Kenya; GHD-023 Indus Charity Hospital in Pakistan; GHD-027 Kenya’s Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program).

Keywords: Global health, development of a field, surgical care delivery, history, surgery

Last updated on 09/16/2016