Malaria Control in Zambia (Condensed Version)


Redditt V, ole-MoiYoi K, Rodriguez W, Talbot JR, Weintraub R. Malaria Control in Zambia (Condensed Version). Harvard Business Publishing. 2012.


The case delves into the history of malaria control efforts in Zambia, including control and treatment policy changes in the in the early 2000s that set Zambia apart from other countries. Because by 2005 Zambia was still falling short of its targets, the National Malaria Control Center (NMCC) resolved to intensify its efforts by developing one national plan to improve coordination, data collection, partner involvement, and ultimately, rapidly scale-up interventions to meet the national malaria targets. The new NMCC director, Dr. Elizabeth Chizema, helped the program achieve success through several key interventions described in the case. With improved monitoring and evaluation, Chizema could demonstrate progress in malaria control, but she worried that partners might lose interest in helping Zambia given the low burden, and the program still had many challenges to overcome. This is a condensed version of the case Malaria Control in Zambia

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Malaria Program Scale-up: Coverage and Burden Reduction
Malaria Program Scale-up: Coverage and Burden Reduction. Source: Malaria Control and Evaluation Partnership in Africa. Scaling Up for Impact through Comprehensive Program Improvement. Seattle; 2007. (Exhibit 4a from "Malaria Control in Zambia" case.)

Learning Objectives: To understand the development of a successful malaria control program over time and the components that led to its success including the value of setting bold national goals, the merits of a health system with centralized governance and decentralized implementation, the importance of multiple coordinated interventions as opposed to a "silver bullet" approach for malaria control, and the use of data as an outcome measure, planning tool, and fundraising tool.

Supporting Content: This is a condensed version of the case Malaria Control in Zambia.

Keywords: National strategy, supply chain management, malaria eradication and control, leadership

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