Rosenberg J, ole-MoiYoi K, Morse M. Concept Note: Clinical Background on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis. Harvard Business Publishing. 2016.Abstract

    This concept note provides a clinical overview of three diseases that feature predominantly in our case study collection: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The concept note describes the pathology, causes, and management related to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of each of the diseases.

    Learning Objectives: To further students’ and instructors’ understanding of clinical concepts presented in the Global Health Delivery (GHD) Case Collection.

    Keyword: Epidemiology, pathology, disease management, monitoring and evaluation, resource allocation, global health policy, partnerships, reatment and prevention.

    Arnquist S, Talbot JR, Rhatigan J, Weintraub R, Plank R. Concept Note: HIV Prevention. Harvard Business Publishing. 2012.Abstract

    This concept note reviews the epidemiological landscape of HIV/AIDS; the history and challenge of HIV prevention; means for preventing sexual transmission of HIV, transmission through blood exposure, and mother-to-child transmission as well as potential benefits of pre-exposure prophylaxis. It discusses strategies for implementing HIV prevention programs and the outlook for future programs.

    Type of epidemic by area, data collection strategy, and intervention
    Type of epidemic by area, data collection strategy, and intervention. Source: Wilson D, Halperin DT. “Know your epidemic, know your response”: a useful approach, if we get it right. The Lancet. 2008;372(9637):423-426.

    Learning Objectives: To aid students in fully understanding the HIV prevention landscape and concepts in the Cases in Global Health Delivery.

    Keywords: Policy, AIDS, R&D, prevention