From scaling up to sustainability in HIV: potential lessons for moving forward

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In this fast-paced, digital age of rapid information exchange, it is surprising that peer-reviewed journals publishing high-impact work can still get away with long review and lag times (another gap in health care delivery!) We are, however, proud to share work we did over the past few years and recently published in Globalization and Health (open access).

TASO Training health workers to care for HIV/AIDS patients in Uganda. Credit: Sarah Kleinman; TASO. The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) of Uganda case is one of 12 GHD case studies on HIV prevention used in this review.

Our literature review on scaling up health care delivery programs and sustaining large-scale programs should prove useful to those thinking about such issues now, as, unfortunately, the field is not moving as quickly as we would hope. Please feel free to be in touch or discuss. We’d love to continue pushing forward and developing more ideas on this topic that we can share with the broader community.

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About Julie Rosenberg Talbot

Julie has helped to plan, research, write and publish 30 Harvard Business School-style teaching cases and analytical teaching guides documenting lessons in global health delivery. She has contributed to building analytical frameworks, writing scholarly articles, and executing several research projects commissioned by global health institutes and the World Health Organization. She manages the GHD Faculty Network and provides support to those wanting to teach GHD cases. Prior to GHD, Julie worked in clinical research at Emory University School of Medicine and in community-based nonprofit organizations in Latin America and the US. Julie has an MPH in epidemiology and global health from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and a BA in anthropology (summa cum laude), with pre-med coursework and a Spanish language certificate, from Harvard College.