Case Studies in Global Health: Video Library available

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Harvard University Extension School and the faculty for the course “Case Studies in Global Health: Biosocial Perspectives” (SSCI-E125) have decided to provide the videos and podcasts recordings of all the lectures to the public via the Global Health Delivery Project in the hopes of extending the reach of the course to anyone interested in global health throughout the world.

“Case Studies in Global Health: Biosocial Perspectives” is an interdisciplinary course designed to introduce students to the field of global health by framing a collection of problems and actions in global health — such as mental health, polio vaccination, or policy and advocacy — in a biosocial perspective. The teaching team, made up of four practitioners/anthropologists, draws on experiences working across the globe as well as an interdisciplinary body of literature to investigate what the field of global health may include, how global health problems are defined and constructed, and how global health interventions play out in expected and unexpected ways.

Videos from this course were shot during the fall semester of 2011. Faculty includes Arthur M. Kleinman (Anthropology; Harvard Medical School), Paul E. Farmer (University Professor; Harvard Medical School; Harvard School of Public Health), Anne Becker (Harvard Medical School), and Salmaan Keshavjee (Harvard Medical School), with a number of guest speakers. The Course Syllabus is available here.

Access videos from the course by clicking on sections from the course agenda below:

1. So You Think You Have a Plan: Using Social Theory to Imagine the Unexpected in Global Health

  • Haiti After the Earthquake: A Critical Sociology of Global Health – Paul Farmer
  • Four Social Theories – Biosocial Interactions; Unintended Consequences; Social Construction of Reality; and the Weberian Vision of Modernity – Arthur Kleinman
  • Three More Social Theories – Social Suffering, Biopower, and Local Moral Experience – Arthur Kleinman
  • An Ethnography of Global Health Organizations in Haiti – Erica James

2. The History of Colonial Practices and “Good Intentions:” Global Health from the Colonial Period to the Present

  • Colonial Medicine and Its Legacies in Global Health – Jeremy Greene
  • The Role of Biomedicine in Global Health – Jeremy Greene
  • Point IV to the Rise of the World Bank: Discourses of Development and Global Health – Emily Harrison
  • Neoliberalism as Development Theology – Salmaan Keshavjee
  • Non-Governmental Organizations and the Delivery of Health Care – Salmaan Keshavjee

3. The Biosocial: A Framework for Case Studies

  • Exploring the Biosocial: MDR-TB as a Paradigm for Global Health – Salmaan Keshavjee
  • Overcoming Structural Violence: MDR-TB care in Russia –  – Salmaan Keshavjee

4. Acting in a World of Unintended Consequences: Case Studies in Global Health

  • Polio Vaccination in Uttar Pradesh – Joe Rhatigan
  • Delivery Struggles in Rwanda – Paul Farmer
  • Common Sense, Community Health Workers, and Malaria Control in Northern Uganda – Mike Westerhaus
  • BRAC’s TB Program: Pioneering DOT Treatment for TB in Rural Bangladesh – Nava Ashraf
  • From Ethnography to Action in Haiti: Why Ethnography Matters – Ophelia Dahl

5. Cross-Cutting Themes in Global Health

  • Global Mental Health: Finding and Closing the Resource Gaps – Anne Becker
  • Eating Pathology, Suicide Risk and Rapid Social Change in Fiji: Low Visibility and High Vulnerability – Anne Becker
  • Transnational Capitalism: The Case of Global Tobacco – Allan Brandt
  • Humanitarianism and an Anthropological Perspective – Jennifer Leaning with Paul Farmer
  • Stigma and Mental Health – Arthur Kleinman
  • Media and Global Health – Kalpana Jain, Sam Loewenberg, Richard Knox
  • Strengthening Health Systems: The Case of Mexico and Its Global Implications – Julio Frenk with Paul Farmer
  • Policy and Advocacy – Gregg Gonsalves
  • Global Caregiving and Closing Thoughts