Blaya recognized for MiDoctor, a mHealth solution for chronic disease management

Posted on December 6, 2011 by

Joaquin Blaya, PhD, co-founder and CIO of eHealth Systems, a Chilean company that offers eHealth strategies and open source solutions to companies, and a moderator, is one of eleven to be nominated Leading Mobile Health Innovators of the Year by the mHealth Alliance and the Rockefeller Foundation (see press release here).

This recognition acknowledges his work on MiDoctor, an automated system that uses automated phone calls, SMS, and a web-based electronic medical record to monitor and provide support for patients with chronic diseases. Winners were brought to this year’s mHealth Summit in Washington DC to share their work with experts in the mobile health field.

“This award supports our idea that to improve chronic disease care you need electronic systems that can motivate patients in a personalized way and can monitor them using only their cell phone. It can help alert clinical staff when the patients needed support and coordinate the care of these patients, which can be extremely complex,” says Blaya.

Commenting on the technologies being presented at the Summit, he notes that there are many different tools that have been developed over the years and are only being used actively now. For these, there isn’t much evidence about what works, especially for physical monitoring devices for weight, blood pressure, or glucose. This further encourages him, he adds, in the potential for helping patients both in low and high-resource settings using existing devices like personal cell phones.

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